A. Artemenko emphasizes the importance of passing economic bills in the Verkhovna Rada

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The people’s deputy emphasized that the current situation in the state economy could be considered as a crisis.

Leader of “Solidarity of Right Forces”, MP Andriy Artemenko, emphasizes the importance of passing economic bills in the parliament, which are aimed to improve the current situation in Ukraine. He expressed this opinion to journalists on the margins of the Verkhovna Rada.

“Right now we have very difficult economic situation in our country. Therefore, in my opinion, first of all, we all should unite our efforts and vote for the economic bills”

– he said.

“But we still have time to improve the situation. Ukrainian people have just elected a new Parliament and expects some changes. In our turn, we should not delay. Therefore, I urge my colleagues to direct their attention to the economic sector of bills. I am sure that if we start working reasonably in the newly elected parliament, the next year for Ukraine can be more calm economically in spite of the military situation”, – said Andriy Artemenko.

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