Our main goal

Our main goal

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Overcoming of post-sovietism (sovok) –  the primary goal of political party “Solidarity of Right Forces”

We are sure that one of the main reasons which have caused the military conflicts in eastern Ukraine is post-soviet way of thinking of citizens.

Ruling elites of our country, formed by breakup of the USSR are mental heritors of the Soviet Union in Ukraine, that’s why – contrary to the will of the majority of the Ukrainian citizens, they stand in the way of leaving the USSR by the country and coming back to our natural European and national direction of economic, social and cultural development.

We cannot avoid the way passed by Eastern and Central Europe. The state should be fully reloaded, and soviet -Russian markers should be replaced by national and European symbols.

Political party “Solidarity of Right Forces” establishes a crucial goal – to eradicate post-sovietism (sovok) from the minds and behavior of our citizens. Therefore, we support 10 recommendations from IWP experts to overcome post-sovietism and we will bring them to life by all means, as follows:

  • Europeanization and socialization
  • Demythologization of soviet heritage
  • Social activity
  • Key role of media
  • Implementation of e-governance
  • Interregional exchanges
  • Competitions for the state post
  • Fight against corruption
  • De-bureaucratization