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Confirmed by convention of political party
“Solidarity of Right Forces”
“18” December 2014

Political party “Solidarity of Right Forces” is a neo-conservative, center-right, open, decentralized and staff party.

We, delegated representatives of regional branches of the party “Solidarity of Right Forces,” went in to convention and in order to perform our public duties and our political will, having agreed upon a common vision on important principles of the state, approved the program principles and ideological basis of our party.


The history of Ukraine, during last years, fully confirms the need to create such political force as “Solidarity of Right Forces.” Challenges which are established by global geopolitical system of politics and economics demand our prompt response and finding own decent place in this system and also require consolidation of citizens and creation of a powerful and strong country which is able to respond to any challenges of the modern world.


The people of Ukraine are all citizens of Ukraine, regardless of race, color, place of residence, language signs, political or religious beliefs, gender, ethnic or social origin, property or any other signs. The duty of citizens is to respect their country and its state symbols, respect the Constitution and laws of Ukraine, do not infringe upon the rights and freedoms, honor and dignity of others, protect homeland.


Respecting the basic principles of the Constitution of Ukraine on freedom and equality of all men (human equality, freedom and rights) and adherence to these principles every day – is normal behavior of everyone of us, including the establishment of maximum assistance mechanisms to protect these rights and freedoms.


Our party strongly opposed any action aimed at impairing the rights and freedoms of citizens who received these rights by birth or by other means. We will assure to the citizens of Ukraine the full, fast and effective protection, at home and abroad.


Our Motherland is Ukraine. Unitary country with integral and untouched area within the existing boundaries. We deny any – attempts to split up Ukraine. We will put all efforts to ensure persons calling for it and acting in the interests of other states to be taken to court and deprived of citizenship of Ukraine.


We condemn any illegal invasion of armed forces to the territory of Ukraine, no matter under what pretext it occurs, and we will consider it as the worst crime against our country. To ensure unity and security of the country we demand the immediate adoption of a new military doctrine, which is the basis to establish a professional contract army and the introduction of universal military training for all men, and the right to possess a firearm.


The prior strategic direcion of Ukraine we consider to be the path to European integration and decentralization of the state. Development of partnerships with other countries, including establishment of mutually beneficial relations with all the neighbors and members of the Group of 7.


The right of Ukranian citizenes for private property is inviolable. All citizens have an equal right to acquire property on the territory of the state. And no laws or regulations cannot restrict this right. Protection of property right of our citizens is the primary responsibility of government.


To increase the revenues of the treasury should be established clear and transparent tax policy and customs duties. The funds primarily should be aimed at development, reorganization and modernization of industrial and agricultural sector, as well as at innovative technology. We are confident that the basis for future economic development – should be the investment in intellectual and scientific sphere. Purpose – to create enough working places witj decent salary.


To create an effective energy independence is a prior task of government.


Land is the main treasure of Ukraine. We believe that the free sale of land is possible only within mandatory state control of its intended use.


The main problem of the country is corruption. Effective tool in the fight against corruption is the maximum anti-corruption lustration.


Political party “Solidarity of Right Forces” is confident that the ideology of “center -right” is most responsible for tasks of reforms, crisis overcoming and undeclared war period. We recognize that the actual center-right politics is based on the synthesis of ideologies that emerged as polar opposites: classic conservatism and liberalism. Among its priorities – strong and consolidated state, but with minimum interfering in economics, development of private business and strong middle class, human values, moral and patriotism.


Willing to perform social rebuilding, we hang upon the middle class. People who can make money from business or from qualified professional activities, possess property and who need from the state only assuring of free development of their business, favorable business climate, protection of property right and fair trial.
These people affirm values, which are called neo-conservative or center-right.. Traditional values, morality, civil rights and freedoms – a natural part of world view of these people and the basis of support for the state, which is able to promote and implement these values.


Thus, supporting private property and individual freedoms and also fundamental principles of right forces – traditional national values, order, strong government – we strive to consolidate the efforts of those who share the above-mentioned priorities. Therefore, “Solidarity of Right Forces” will do everything to unite (combine) all ideologically close to us, right-wing forces, political parties and civil unions in order to implement our major ideological tasks.