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2015 is almost finished. It was rich in events. The terrorist attacks in Paris, a record flood of refugees, the conflict in Syria, the Turks knocked down Russian aircraft and new sanctions for Russia.

In Ukraine quite a lot has happened too. Continued defense of Donetsk airport and loss of Debaltsevo bridgehead, fighting near Marinka, a number of deaths of “regionals” and gunfire in Mukachevo, explosions under the Rada, Crimean cutoff from electricity –it is  not a complete list of what was observed by the Ukrainians during the year. Fires in Chernobyl, and eternally smoldering peat bogs have become a kind of a curse for the people of Kiev. A mineral water “Morshinska” in the company of red roses have become trends of this year.

There were positive moments too. Despite the dozens of broken cars we finally got a new police which, hopefully, will not be compromised by bribes and “crony” solutions. Against the backdrop of economic crisis, there were no sharp rises of dollar. Local elections were held, a free trade zone with the European Union was adopted. This step cost a lot for Ukrainians – soaring utility rates strongly hurt to already empty pockets of Ukrainians.

Yes, this year was difficult. Painful. But I want to believe that the situation in Ukraine will stabilize and improve. We endured a lot and deserve a decent future. I wish in 2016 all of us have good health, strength, endurance, fresh bread on the table and a non-empty wallet in our pocket. Smiles of relatives and laughter of our children. In general, I wish the simple human happiness. After all such little things build the entire life.

Happy New Year!

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