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Looking at what is happening in our lives, I came up with quite unexpected and even seditious thought: haven’t we made a mistake in setting goals putting as the primary goal to become the European Union member?
First of all, no one from EU invited us there and did not even promise to do so in the foreseeable future. As the deputy chairman of the Committee for European Integration I know it firsthand. Visa-free regime, the association and all other mantras of our government do not have anything in common with full membership.

Secondly, well, which one of the most successful countries that have proven their worth and dedication to the internal reform made a sacral goal of entering somewhere, especially in some supranational entities? Was it Hong Kong in neighboring China, Singapore in joint Malaysia or South Korea into a single insular Japan? No, even though these countries have a lot in common in the political, cultural and finally in economic positions. On the contrary, the global decentralization processes are taking place all over the world.
And finally thirdly, after yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister of Great Britain Mr. Cameron of not joining the EU in the near future and the special status of the relationship I have come to the conclusion that as long as we go on our way of “the entry” we will have nowhere to enter. The EU is falling apart right in front of our eyes under the weight of tectonic processes, which we all have witnessed, and the beginning of which we had put here, in Ukraine, in Kiev, on the Maydan square.

It is the time to focus on us and with deep gratitude for the support of Europe in a difficult moment for our country to reform Ukraine as a single, unitary and independent Eastern European country. In general, you are welcome to the group of European realists.  .

Glory to Ukraine!!!

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