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Soon, it will be one year since on March 28 of 2014, a group of deputies from the West of Ukraine, introduced the bill for consideration to relevant committees, and only on December 11, the draft of the law of Ukraine “On  the amendment to the Customs Code of Ukraine” concerning time limits of  transit traffic for automobile transport” was registered  in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

I should remind that in 2013, Yanukovych’s government in order to limit us in our rights, had adopted a new Customs Code of Ukraine which contains substantial obstacles for the exploitation of this transport on the customs area of Ukraine, including obligations to cross the customs area every 5 days in the case of moving in the area and every 10 days in other cases.

These innovations have caused numerous complaints from the residents of the border areas . They conducted a lot of campaigns and called to the Parliament of Ukraine and to the people’s deputies with an initiative to amend the Customs Code of Ukraine concerning modification to this Customs Code provision.

Deputies have responded to the community, applied and prepared a special bill. But how long will this endless legislative process continue?

While our MPs discuss everything in the world, today most of the Ukrainians do not have a possibility to buy a good car. Therefore – citizens living in border areas have to buy automobiles registered in another state. However, as a result of the Customs Code provision effect, hundreds of thousands  of Ukrainians are forced  every five (ten) days to cross the state border of Ukraine, which in turn creates the overload of custom stations and queues at customs checkpoints, degrades the ecological situation due to the numerous automobiles located on one small area; promotes bribery and corruption among the customs authorities,  departments of the Traffic Police  and other departments of the Ministry Of Internal Affairs, creates significant obstacles for the development of business  in Ukraine, as Ukrainian  citizens working for foreign companies or doing business have to cross the border every 5 days.

Me, as the head of the West – Ukrainian direction of the “Solidarity of Right Forces,” on behalf of our citizens – demand that deputies immediately amend Article 95 of the Customs Code of Ukraine regarding the time limits of transit traffic, which will be 30 days for automobile transport regardless of moving in a particular area of customs. Please take into account the provisions of the Convention on Temporary Admission and Application A, B.1-B.9, C, D and E thereto, adopted on the 26 of June 1990 in Istanbul.

I am confident that this way we will get rid of the queues at the border, and most importantly we will be able to create favorable conditions for people so they can buy low-cost cars. Because with salaries this low, which are the lowest in Europe and in the former Soviet Union, our working citizens will not earn enough money for a car in their life, and furthermore considering that Ukraine has the highest prices for clearance throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union. If our demands will be ignored, we reserve the right for protest under the current legislation .

PS: We will surely return to the question of transport clearance. I promise that the “Solidarity of  Right Forces” will do everything possible in order for Ukrainians to be able to clear their cars in accordance with the requirements of the World Trade Organization and the European Union and will not overpay their hard earned money which are cleverly stolen by officials in high offices!

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